F Magazine:

Publisher: Teeka Ballas





















F Magazine is the only statewide independent publication focusing on coverage of under-represented and marginalized art, artists, music, theatre, dance and culture in Alaska. Comprised completely of unpaid volunteers, the overall goal with the magazine is to bridge the gap between artists and the general public by providing profiles and feature stories that enlighten and liven.


In addition to the publication, F Magazine hosts a number of different events and statewide competitions. Events and competitions include:

The Annual Youth Art & Writing Competition - Top winners of each category have their work show-cased at the Out North Gallery and writing entries are read by actors at the award ceremony and televised/streamed statewide, and both will be published in the April issue of F Magazine - and first place winners attend the Sitka Fine Arts Summer Camp

The Art of Fashion Photography Competition - The top 40 winners are published in a special February issue.

F-Action Music Video Competition- the top 12 winners are showcased at theaters around the state.

F'Air Words Writing Competition - Winners are published in a summer issue.

Audio F'ile Music Compilations - Twice a year 12 musicians/bands are chosen to represent different genres of music. A music compilation is produced and published as a download in a special issue and a subsequent concert is held in its honor.

F-Raiser - Once a year, F hosts a fundraising party extravaganza, replete with film, dance, theatre, music, poetry, and a live art auction where artists are bid upon to make a special piece of art for the highest bidder right on the spot.



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